South Bay Pathology Society

Diagnoses for the meeting of August 2008


SB 5191 Phakomatous choristoma.

Diagnostic Tally: Phakomatous choristoma—15, meningeal hamartoma—2.


SB 5192 Atypical endosalpingiosis involving retroperitoneal lymph node.

Diagnostic Tally: Endometriosis—3, mesothelial inclusions—2, benign glandular inclusions—20.

References: Kempson RL. (1978) Am J Surg Pathol 2: 321-325.

Kheir SM, Mann WJ, Wilkerson JA. (1981) Am J Surg Pathol 5: 353-359.


SB SB 5193 Myxoid (metaplastic) meningioma

Diagnostic Tally: Chordoid meningioma—5, myxoid meningioma—2, metastatic lesion-4.

Reference: Perry A, Dehner LP: Brain Pathol 13:386–408, 2003


SB SB 5194 Lymphadenoma

Diagnostic tally: Lymphoepithelial cyst—5, lymphadenoma—20.

Consultant: John Chan, M.D.


SB SB 5195 Cyclin D1 negative mantle cell lymphoma.

Diagnostic tally: Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma NOS—10, marginal zone lymphoma—10, toxoplasmosis—3.

IPOX: BCL-1 (-) BCL-2 (+) CD5 (+) CD20 (+) CD23 (+) CD43 (+) Cyclin D1 (-) Cyclin D2 (equivocal) Cyclin D3 (+)

Co Consultant: Stanford


SB SB 5196 CD30 (+) anaplastic large cell lymphoma, neutrophil-rich variant

Diagnostic Talley: Lymphoma—5, melanoma—5

IPOX: LCA (positive), CD4 (+), CD20 (-), CD30 (+), ALK-1 (-), CK (-), S100 (-).


SB SB 5197 Nodular induration of the cyclist (ischemic fasciitis).

Diagnostic tally: Ischemic fasciitis—20, amyloidosis—3.

Reference: Vuong PN. et al. Perineal nodular indurations ("accessory testicles") in cyclists. FNA cytologic and pathologic findings in two cases. Acta Cytol 1988; 32: 86-90.


SB SB 5198 Superficial acral fibromyxoma

Diagnostic Talley: Neurofibroma—5, perineurioma—3, neurothekeoma—5, superficial acral fibromyxoma—3.

IPOX: Vim+, CD34+, S100-, CD31-.

Consultant: Stanford


SB SB 5199 Paraganglioma

Diagnostic Talley: Paraganglioma—unanimous

IPOX: Chromogranin (+), synaptophysin (+), S100 (+, sustentacular cells), AE1/3 (-).


SB 5200 Metastatic signet-ring adenocarcinoma, gastric primary

Diagnostic Talley: Nodular fasciitis—20, metastatic adenocarcinoma—2.

IPOX: CEA (+), Cam 5.2 (+), CK7 (+), CK20 (+).


Post Conference Evaluation Case: Paraganglioma, bladder primary.