4880: Primary histiocytic sarcoma of the CNS

IPOX: Vim+, CD68+, lysozyme+, S-100 minimal +, CD1A-, GFAP-, NSE-, NF-, CD21-, CD117-, ALK-, keratins-, CD3-, CD20-, LCA-, CD30-

Ref: Pileri et al. Histopathology 2002,41, 1-29

4881: Anaplastic chordoma

IPOX: Subpopulation of cells are immunoreactive for S100. INI-1 reactivity is equivocal. The neoplastic cells are non-reactive for alkaline phosphatase, E-HCG, myogenin, desmin, MSA and SMA. Electron microscopy reveals cytoplasmic vacuoles in some of the neoplastic cells.

Ref: Coffin et al. Chordoma in Childhood and Adolescence. Arch Pathol Lab Med 117:927-933, 1993.

4882: Paraganglioma with dense sclerosis

IPOX: Synaptophysin (+), S100 (sustentacular cells +)

4883: Synovial sarcoma

IPOX: Vim(+), AE1/AE3 and Cam5.2 (+; weak to moderate), CK7(+), EMA(+), S100(-), desmin(-), actin(-)

Consultant: Stanford pathology

4884: Highly atypical fibrohistiocytic lesion, favor AFX

IPOX: Vim(+), S-100(-), CK5/6(-), desmin(-).

Consultant: Stanford pathology

4885: Granulomatous pneumocystis pneumonia

GMS and IPOX reveal rare organisms consistent with PCP

Consultant: Mayo clinic

4886: Transitional cell carcinoma and atypical serous tumor

Consultant: UCSF pathology

4887: Small lymphocytic lymphoma with plasmacytoid features and crystalline inclusions

Flow cytometry: 80% kappa, 0% lambda, 85% CD19, 95% CD38, 55% CD23,

90% FMC-7, CD138 0%. IPOX: kappa light chain (+)

4888: Basal cell carcinoma with stromal giant cells

IPOX: BCC positive for CK, SMA, bcl-2. Stromal giant cells bcl-2 positive.

Ref: Am J Dermpath 1999, 21:473.

4889: Metastatic squamous cell carcinoma with differing morphologic features

IPOX: a) SCC: CK5/6(+), p63(+), chromogranin (-), synapto (-), LCA(-).

b) Anaplastic tumor (node): CK5/6(+), p63(+), chromo, synapto and LCA (-).